Today’s Honoree is Cheryl “Action” Jackson

Cheryl Action Jackson, President & Founder of Minnie’s Food Pantry is a beacon of hope for a starving community in one of the richest counties in the world, yet she has fed over 31,510 people in 2010 and almost at that same number and 2011 isn’t even over yet. Despite her strainful efforts of feeding the hungry, she makes herself a light in dark places by getting in front of high profile movements, opportunities, events, and people in order to challenge our leadership of the world to not only make a difference, but be a difference to lives of many people in need.

Going from being hungry and homeless to feeding the hungry and homeless seems as a benefit, but when the food pantry shelves are growing empty everyday, the need is so powerful, but this woman continues to be a voice. Hungry to Serve for this Hunger Hero is an understatement, more like until death do her part, will she do the work of God within her and take “a call to action” to dimensions unheard of.

Jackson is Chairman of the Hunger Relief Coalition of Collin County. She is described as a monomaniac on a mission because she is actively involved in civic and cultural organizations. Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas and Phil Dyer Mayor of the City of Plano honored her for opening Minnie’s Food Pantry which is named after her mother, Minnie Ewing.

Jackson was a contributor on Good Morning Texas and a writer for the Dallas Morning Newspaper. Jackson’s notable achievement was meeting Oprah Winfrey and receiving a one on one interview with her. The next year she was chosen to play Oprah for fifteen minutes before the Oprah show audience.

She has appeared in commercials with former Dallas Cowboys great Deion Sanders and on game shows Deal or No Deal, Wheel of Fortune and Scrabble. Jackson has interviewed Will Smith, Emmitt Smith, and hosted the annual Theologian Awards show and she and her sister Lynette Shofner are featured in the recently published Networking Genius book. They are praised for their philanthropy work in the community. Jackson won a sixteen city competition from Twentieth Century Fox to co-host an Oscar segment on the national entertainment show Good Day Live-LA.

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  1. chris says:

    Hi Mama Action JACKSON!I LOVE THE SHOW!!!!

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