Today’s Honoree is Dr. Dave Harper

Dr. Harper, better known as “Dr. Dave”, specializes in sports medicine
(the chiropractic way) as Director of The Mosaic Wellness Centre in
Mississauga, Ontario. For 18 years, he has helped many world class
athletes in such sports such as hockey, running and wrestling. He
has a unique hands-on approach that accelerates an athlete’s healing
from injury and results in an immediate return to sport with performance

Dr. Dave’s greatest passion is educating the amateur teenage athlete through his advanced treatment and interventions.


* Graduate for the University of Toronto, Bachelor of Science specializing in Cell Biology and Genetics, 1985.
* Graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, 1989.
* Fellow of the College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences, 1993.
* Certified Disability Evaluator – C.D.E. – 1, NADEP (National Association of Disability
Evaluating Professionals), 1997.
* Member of the Canadian Society of Chiropractic Evaluators, 1997.
* Certified provider of Active Release TechniqueÒ for the Upper Extremity and Spine.
* Certified and Qualified in Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice.
* Certified Personal Trainer by The National Strength and Conditioning Association.
* Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with The National Strength and Conditioning Association.
* Graduate of The Canadian College of Natural Nutrition. Certified Holistic Nutritionist
* Certified Sports Nutritionist
* Ph.D. Candidate in Nutrition at Clayton College


Author, and founder of MOSAIC Wellness (, Dr
Harper has two locations that serve as his home base of his cutting edge technologies
in sports injury recovery. “Dr. Dave’s” vast experience includes treatments on athletes
with teams of an international and local level, including downhill skiing, curling,
baseball, volleyball, soccer and weightlifting. He was the catalyst for speedy recoveries
of athletes from all levels of men and women hockey around the world. He has been
featured on nationally acclaimed television networks such as TSN, ESPN and CHEX, as
an expert on chiropractic, sports injuries and rehabilitation.

Contact Information:

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