Today’s Honoree is Cynthia Patterson

Cynthia Patterson is a woman who is passionate about God and who
lives her life on purpose by sharing God’s love with all she meets. She never
boasts in her own abilities, but always in the Lord. We can truly say her life
has excelled on so many levels. It is such an inspiration to see God use her to
redirect women onto a path of wholeness and fulfillment. She has committed her
life to sharing God’s truth and embracing women from all walks of life that
they may come to know Him and His purpose for them in an intimate way.

Cynthia has a strong resilience to bounce back from hardship, trials and pain
because she knows that each setback is an opportunity for a comeback. Her zeal
and compassion compels her to run on and persevere through every challenge and
trial knowing it’s all a part of God’s plan.

Author of her debut book It Had to Happen is evident that her entire life has
served as a prelude to provoke the writing of this much needed resource in
order to speak to the pain, passion and purpose of every woman who dares to
delve into these pages in pursuit of a destiny that can no longer be deterred
by the issues of past hurts.

It Had to Happen is a reminder of God‘s providence in the midst of trials what
only serve as the launching pad to triumph. Cynthia masterfully uses The Woman
with the Issue of Blood to take us beyond the surface of the biblical story
we‘ve heard and read so many times by interjecting us into the passage in a
personal way. Our own struggles are interwoven in suggested parallelisms that
bring this woman‘s plight into the light of a modern day context. And the
discovery questions at the end of each chapter cause us to reflect deeply as
revelation and transformation provide soothing solutions that can only come
from our loving Heavenly Father who is an ever present help and a Source of
unending hope.

Author of the book, It Had to Happen – Understanding that everything you go
through in life is for God’s Purpose.” Cynthia A. Patterson is a native
Houstonian. Founder and CEO of Daughters of Virtue and Excellence, Inc. (DOVE
Inc.): A nonprofit organization that offers mentoring, counseling, and personal
development education to women of all walks of life.

Cynthia shares with many young adults her testimony where she
was living a promiscuous lifestyle, indulging in drugs and alcohol while giving
in to her lustful desires. She began living a double life, working in Corporate
America by day and performing in an elaborate gentleman’s club and wild parties
by night. While this lifestyle was very gratifying, it turned out she chose to
live this way to suppress the feelings of guilt, shame, abandonment, and
humiliation that she acquired from her entire negative past experiences through
rape and sexual abuse. So for years, she was pursuing something that only fixed
those issues temporarily by satisfying a desire for a momentary high or rush.

Lost with no hope this left her feeling dead on the inside. But, it was not
until Cynthia recognized it and sought a higher power for her help and
strength. Now her mission in life is committed to helping women who are
depressed, emotionally abused, prostitutes, addicts, or requesting help and
guidance in identifying their significant purpose in life.

Now an inspirational speaker and life coach who has a genuine passion to
inspire and encourage women. She is dedicated and sold out for the cause of
teaching young adults their significant purpose and worth is found in God. Her
message of faith and life through her debut self-help book “It Had to Happen”
is raising the awareness of God’s purpose and exposing them to the reality of
His never-ending love.

Cynthia has a son who she calls her mighty man of valor, Michael, as he is her
first ministry. She loves to laugh and loves helping and serving God’s

Contact Information:

Email to request Cynthia A. Patterson for
church, educational or corporate speaking engagements, conferences or

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