Today’s Honoree is J.D. Masterson

J.D. Masterson of Newport, Vermont, has a stellar track record of excellence in caring about humanity and its future direction. The recipient of awards early on in Scholastic Achievement, she was named 1990 Young Career Woman, earned a Ph.D. in psychology at age 24 while working with terminally ill children for over 13 years (starting at the age of 19 herself.) She decided to move out of the hospital system because she did not like the direction treatment for cancer was going in, including the fact that physicians fought her about the fact that children DO know they are dying!

After leaving the psychology profession, she joined one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world in an entry-level position. Recognizing the on-going corporate greed and waste and wanting to be a small business owner-operator again, her move into financial planning was a natural one. But five years later the glass ceiling hit and, despite having become one of the fastest growing, high-level award earners with 98% customer satisfaction ratings, she sold the business at a profit, moved and went to work for a leading Northeastern bank.

Though she had quickly moved up from branch manager to VP by playing by the corporate world’s rules, Life, shall we say, had a different destiny in mind for her.

Listed in Who’s Who of America’s authors and as the recipient of awards in the financial planning industry, she continues to strive for excellence well above most, with deep compassion to help people everywhere!

This drive has led her to become an award-winning author, activist and public personality who is now doing numerous radio and TV shows to get the HPV vaccine off the market. (The human papilloma virus vaccine is a scam according to her and others.)

The author herself is a testament to surviving difficult situations and rising above them all to create the first book in a series to help with the betterment of humankind.

The Magdalena LaSige series examines the core beliefs Americans have been taught, and each novel questions the lies we accept as truths today, using fictional characters. Through the characters and their circumstances, readers are forced to look at and question the agendas of the highest levels of government, education, media and religious institutions. The first book, “The Scorpion’s Sting: A Magdalena LaSige Novel,” focuses on
the pharmaceutical industry and the lies surrounding the accepted practice of vaccinations. Read more about the author at and read the excellent reviews there or at

You rarely meet someone who seeks the truth with all her heart and soul and is willing to risk everything to do so! The number of lives she has touched and continues to touch world-wide are way too many to count, but until everyone has heard the truth, she will continue to get her message into every household that suffers from the deceit and corruption in this world.

Winner of a Los Angeles Book Festival award and New York Book Festival Award, and featured signer as “Hot New Author” for BookExpo America 2011, Masterson is speaking out on radio and TV interviews about the dangerous HPV vaccine.

Entertaining and informative, she is asked back by hosts to present true information on HPV (human papilloma virus), as she encourages individuals to become educated on the vaccine and to sign the I Agree, No Vaccine for HPV”petition located at when one visits the “In the News” link.

For more information, please send an email to Marketing Manager, Bridget Wolf, Email:

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