Today’s Honoree is Oliver Ross, JD

Oliver Ross, JD, PhD is nominated by Alma Steger

Oliver left his lucrative career as a lawyer to found Out-of-Court Solutions in order to provide a gentler and caring way for couples to deal with separation. Oliver is a very skillful, thoughtful mediator.

He understands the pain of divorce and works to support people through this process with dignity and respect. His background gives him a variety of practical, yet imaginative, solutions to facilitate mediation.

Oliver Ross, JD, PhD founded Out-of-Court Solutions Inc. in 1995 and has since mediated over 1200 divorce, eldercare, family, prenuptial and workplace disputes. He also originated the Situational approach to mediation, an advanced method for mediating disputes quickly, caringly, and inexpensively.

Dr. Ross is a select member of the Maricopa Superior Court Family Mediation roster. He is also an approved mediator for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Arizona Association of Realtors. Oliver is uniquely qualified as a mediator. He was a trial attorney for nineteen years and is still licensed to practice law in California only; he operated a family-owned business for five years, and earned a Masters degree in clinical psychology in 1992 and a Doctorate in behavioral psychology in 1994.

Oliver has achieved the prominent status of Advanced Practitioner Member of the National Association for Conflict Resolution in divorce, family and workplace matters, and from 2005-2006 was president of the Arizona chapter.

Oliver has conducted numerous workshops and conflict resolution trainings for business enterprises, nonprofit organizations, and governmental agencies. Dr. Ross’s book, Situational Mediation: Sensible Conflict Resolution, has received wide acclaim.

For more information Contact:

Oliver Ross
Out-of-Court Solutions

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1 Response to Today’s Honoree is Oliver Ross, JD

  1. Sylvia Scott says:

    Congratulations-great choice for the award. A service that is very very needed-

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