Today’s Honoree is Gus Deligiannidis

Konstantinos “Gus” T. Deligiannidis is a  native of Greece. After completing his undergraduate studies in Athens, Greece  with a BS in Business & Economics, he came to the United States to complete  his graduate studies. He completed the graduate program of Business Administration at Michigan State University and received his Masters of
Business Administration with concentration in Marketing.

At the same time he received his teaching certificate in English from the University of Michigan. After a short career in the corporate world in the United States and Greece, he
moved to the United States and went into the restaurant business which he has
always loved.

He has successfully owned and operated two full service restaurants for over 20 years. During that time he pieced together his love for health through nutrition and applied the relative concept for himself with outstanding results. He has delivered several lectures on Health Through Nutrition and has devoted a lot of time and resources in researching this

Gus plans to continue to work and research the same area and wants to
help people better their health by sharing with them his Personal Story of
Health Through Nutrition, Weight Loss and Light Exercise. For more information
on Gus’ background, education, experiences and goals, please go to his personal
website at We strongly suggest you to visit his site  which is the result of over 20 years of research.

You can also see his interest on his other website
and the e-book on the same subject Finally, please make a note to visit his
other upcoming sites, like the one on imported herbs and all natural vitamins
and minerals.

Contact Information:

Donna Mitchell

Natures Healing Foods, LLC


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