Today’s Honoree is Bob Hughes

Bob Hughes could have been the next golf star, hockey star or water skiing champion–and was–instead he chose a path to be a good father and business leader in his community providing a place for others to succeed in their construction and real estate career, a place where he has helped so many people in need–helping them sometimes at a personal financial loss for him.

He has invested in his company-even being so bold as to have his name on it–Prudential Spencer-Hughes Real Estate–to support the greatness within. All while being a father to two very bright and talented kids–a 16 year old daughter who excels at Brewster Academy, lacrosse and hockey and golf and a son who just graduated as the top student at Brewster Academy and talented in hockey and tennis and golf. Brewster is one of the most respected
prep schools in the country.

Bob is a divorced man who goes to every one of his kid’s game no matter where it is while keeping the company up in the ranks. One of his top agents in the state working for him is his former wife Jodi Hughes yet works very closely with her. He is a model of divorce done right really.

He is the son of his mentor, the respected Don Hughes of Hughes Oil and his mother Elaine– who is involved in so much of his life, even today. He provides so much for all of his siblings as well.

Bob is the man in charge of Prudential Spencer-Hughes in Alton and Wolfeboro,
New Hampshire, which is the top selling real estate agency in the state of New Hampshire with the highest average home sale in the state. Yet he is not out there tooting his own horn or raising his own flag–but is the first to put the flag outside the office front door.

Bob will give the shirt off his back to help those around him succeed–and they do–without sometimes knowing or appreciating how much he does to add to their success. There are so many who owe him their gratitude– even many who owe him thousands of dollars he lent out to them–and haven’t paid back. This is unfortunate–but he doesn’t hold a grudge ever. He knows that someday they will return his kindness. It is the right thing to do really.

Success breeds success. He is always looking for those who want to succeed. No matter what he does, he knows that he can go to sleep every night confident that he has done the best he can and wake up every morning and be proud of who he is in the morning.

More people should know and appreciate all that Bob Hughes has done–and does–for those around him.

For contact information on Bob Hughes:

Michael Travis


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