Today’s Honoree is Pastor Earl Carroll

Sharon J. Hill nominate Pastor Earl Carroll who is the last surviving Founder of The Samaritan Relief Fund, renamed in 2000 from Atlanta’s Feed the Hungry Committee. From helping with natural disasters and emergency relief to homeless, displaced and youth and senior citizen, Carroll helps fill the void from Back to School, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with food, toys, clothing, housing, funds, etc.

I was Introduced to Pastor Carroll on his radio show in Atlanta in 2006, he soon after gave his show to me and I have witnessed daily his spirit of humankind to enhance and elevate. Now he has given me a television program and the giving continues with him on a new quest to make the upcoming 100th birthday of a civil and voting rights unsung
heroine, Dr. Amelia Platts Boynton Robinson receive showers of blessings and tribute in honor of her day, August 18, 2011

For more information on Pastor Earl Carroll:

Sharon J. Hill – Public Eye Relations 404-610-1499

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2 Responses to Today’s Honoree is Pastor Earl Carroll

  1. An awesome opportunity to show the difference someone or some people have made in your life. Give them their flowers while they can still smell them.

    Share you blessings! Post today!

  2. mona lisa cohen says:

    A guy named Antone talk very highly of you, i told him me and my husband was starting a church and how we wanted to help the community and help children with medical handicap, i have a daughter with cerebral palsy, i thank God for him telling me about you and your ministry, i was very impress. i hope to meet you one day, we were inquiring to antone for a loan for our church.
    i was sorry to hear about pastor tims, i always enjoyed his excitement about the word. hope to hear from you Pastor Reginald & Mona lisa Cohen Cleveland, ohio

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