Today’s Honoree is Dr. Ben Wade Thrower

Since 1995, the Andrew C. Carlos Multiple Sclerosis Institute at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta has worked with researchers at Harvard Medical School and Emory University to test new MS compounds, investigate new drug therapies and search for a genetic marker for immune activity in people undergoing various MS therapies. Additionally, it is rated among the top rehabilitation hospitals in the U.S. As a nationally renown MS neurologist Dr. Thrower serves as its Medical Director.

Dr. Thrower is a clinical instructor of neurology at Emory University and participates actively in clinical research. Since 2000, has served as the Senior Medical Advisor of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Dr. Thrower has been an integral part of MSF’s annual Cruise for a Cause. This cruise offers individuals and families affected by MS with a life enhancing experience to travel, interact with others facing similar challenges while attending workshops conducted by leading healthcare professionals.

Dr. Thrower has combined his professional interests with his love of motorcycles to establish the non-profit organization, HAMS, Hogs Against MS.

Through the years, Dr. Thrower has been an invaluable resource to the MSF in its evolution and growth from a regional agency to a national service organization touching the lives of persons throughout the country. As we celebrate our first 25th anniversary, it is only fitting that we honor Dr. Thrower for his service to the MSF.

For more information on Dr. Ben Thrower contact:

Adrienne Mazzone
VP Arts & Entertainment
The TransMedia Group –
240 West Palmetto Park Road, Suite 300
Boca Raton, Florida 33432
(o)561-750-9800 x210 (c)561-908-1683

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